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A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Marketer: The Comedy of Errors

Welcome to the chaotic, hilarious, and often unpredictable world of a real estate marketer. If you think selling houses is all about fancy suits, heels, perfectly staged homes, and closing deals over a latte, think again. Here's a glimpse into a typical day, complete with the quirks and calamities that come with the job.

Morning: The Optimism Hour

6:00 AM: The alarm rings, and you leap out of bed with the enthusiasm of a game show contestant. Today’s the day I sell the unsellable! Or at least that’s what you tell myself as you sip your coffee.

8:00 AM: Arrive at the office, ready to tackle emails. The inbox is flooded with messages ranging from potential buyers asking if the haunted mansion is "pet-friendly" to sellers wondering if they can list their home for three times its market value because it has "sentimental" upgrades, like the DIY koi pond that's more mud pit than zen garden.

Late Morning: The Showings Begin

10:00 AM: First showing of the day is at a charming "fixer-upper." By "fixer-upper," you mean a house that looks like it’s held together by duct tape and dreams. As you walk in, a potential buyer immediately asks, "So, does the owl in the loft come with the house?"

10:30 AM: Another client arrives. They're very particular and have a list of 100 must-haves, including "a bathroom that doesn’t have a mystery smell." We walk into the bathroom, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s that mystery smell. You explain it away with, "It’s just part of the house’s character!"

11:00 AM: Showing a suburban home. The rear garden is described as "spacious." Potential buyers are greeted by a space so overgrown, it could double as the Amazon rainforest. One buyer jokes, "I was looking for a back garden, not a national park!"

Lunch: The Brief Respite

12:30 PM: Lunchtime, aka the only hour you can pretend the job is as glamorous as it sounds. you sit down at your desk with a salad (okay, Maccy's) and scroll through social media, watching other real estate marketers’ highlight reels and wondering if their buyers also ask if the basement "could be converted into a medieval dungeon."

Afternoon: The Struggle Continues

1:30 PM: Virtual tour time! The house looks fantastic in photos thanks to your brilliant Photographer. During the live video, the buyer asks, "Can you show me the back garden again?" The phone camera accidentally reveals the neighbor’s collection of scrapyard cars and a sign that reads, "Trespassers will be composted."

3:00 PM: Client meeting. They insist their house is worth way more because their cat, Mr. Whiskers, "really brings the place to life." You try to diplomatically explain that Mr. Whiskers doesn’t add to the property’s market value, despite his undeniable charm.

Late Afternoon: Photo Shoot Fiascos

4:00 PM: Off to a photoshoot with your Photographer for a new listing. The homeowner swears their place is "photo-ready." You arrive to find kids' toys scattered everywhere and a kitchen that looks like a tornado hit it. The homeowner says, "Don’t worry, it’ll add a lived-in feel!" You smile and notice the dejected look on your Photographers face, you feel a pang of sympathy as you know the Photographer is thinking of the hours in Photoshop later.

5:00 PM: Last minute emergency – a client calls in a panic because their young son has painted the living room in several shades of greens reds and blues, from the little painting set granny bought for his birthday, the day before the open house. You offer calming words and suggest we market it as "eclectic."

Evening: The Wrap-Up

6:30 PM: Head back to the office to wrap up the day. Your phone rings – a buyer asking if the house with the suspiciously low price has "structural issues" or if it’s "just a really good deal." You diplomatically suggest a home inspection.

8:00 PM: Finally, home sweet home. You flop on the sofa, mentally preparing for tomorrow. Who knows what surprises it will bring? Perhaps a house with a hidden room or a client who wants to list their treehouse.

Conclusion: The Real (Estate) Deal

Despite the chaos and comedy, being a real estate marketer is about finding joy in the unexpected and humor in the mishaps. Every day is an adventure, and every client, a character in this sitcom you call "my career". Here’s to another day of marketing madness – because when life gives you a house with an Owl, you make it a selling point! 🏡😂

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