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Property Image Company is based in the West Midlands and was established to transform the high end, and commercial, property media landscape, to create compelling imagery, through Photography and video, which will set your properties apart from the competition.

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Our Ethics

We care about our clients, and

 we love what we do, which transpires through the work we produce, be it a portfolio of trendy city rental properties, a chain of Hotels, a high street shop, to a sprawling country mansion, if you have a property that needs a professional standing, to maximize your profits, Property Image Company are here to deliver.

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Our Customers

We cover the whole of UK 

Please feel free to reach out to us and express the vision for your property, and allow us to work with you to create the imagery you need, to drive your sales and profits.

Harper House Swaffham 12-12-2023-41.jpg
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